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Many developments in the groups since I last updated. The Dougays, Steve and Dale, both had to leave the group due to employments issues that have taken them out-of state. Danny Peet has provided the driving beat of the band since 2008 and Ray Ellender has played guitar with Bayou Roots since December 2009. Ray has really been "the sixth man" for Bayou Roots for a number of years; filling in whenever there was a need. It is our pleasure to welcome him into the band as a full-fledged member. Original member Clint Ward, left a number of years ago to start a family and we have too long a delayed in recognizing Murnel Babineaux as his replacement. Murnel is a talented fiddler and steel player, and has been with the group since late 2006! You can check the BIO page for updated photos and information on these newest members of Bayou Roots!