Update..been too long!

Wow. TIme really flies. I have so much to be thankful for...family, friends, great jobs...it keeps me really busy! I'm so sorry I am not really great at keeping the website updated--but sometimes "real things"--family, children, day jobs, must come first. I must say THANK YOU to all of the CFMA members who voted me as "Accordionist of the Year" at the August 17, 2012 Le Cajun ceremony. It is truly an honor and it was a real treat to receive that award. Another honor has been my music featured in the new movie "Pieces of Easter." It is a really great family movie with a wonderful message. Please help spread the word about this great film. Two Step a Bashoot LeBlanc, Yon-YOn Boogie, and La Valse d'Espoir are all featured...quite prominantly at times! The film is very funny, too. Check it out before Easter...you'll be glad you did! http://piecesofeaster.com/