2011 Update

Wow...time really flies whenever you're having fun! Since the last update we have begun playing some casinos, revisited Luling, Tx, performed at the Liberty Theater, revisited Grove, OK, performed at the Governor's Mansion twice, begun to play at the legendary dancehall "La Poussiere" in Breaux Bridge, and many other exciting performance venues. We have welcomed a new member to the group, the young but legendary Chad Cormier, on the fiddle! One perk of having Chad in the group is that his wife, Hass, is an excellent bassist and singer. She has been a huge help to us and traveled to play in Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia with us this past year! Thanks Hass! Please accept my apologies for being so late in updating the site. I know that I have not been very good at keeping the calendar up-to-date! My daughter Caressa recently graduated from Loyola and moved back to Lake Charles, but will soon be moving to California! I also received exciting news about my progress in the Teacher of the Year awards program. I passed local, district, and regional divisions to be selected as a state finalist! It sounds "glamorous" but it has taken up some of the "free time" that I would have been using to update the site. Wish me luck, though, because the overall winner gets a year lease from Mercedes of Baton Rouge! I will know in late July. Drop a line sometimes to let us know how you are! You can also find us (in an un-updated form!) on Facebook. Oh well, always something to do...I won't be bored!