CFMA LeCajun Winners!

Well, I am still can't quite believe it's true. But I was there and the trophies that I brought home didn't evaporate over night, so I guess it is all real. What an honor! If you haven't heard the news here it is: The Cajun French Music Association (CFMA) is a regional organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Cajun French music and the Cajun French language. There are chapters throughout Louisiana and Texas. Each year a committee reviews the latest releases in the Cajun music genre and nominates three recordings/musicians per category to be placed on a ballot. The ballots are mailed to each member-family who in turn vote for their favorites in each category. Every August Cajun music fans gather in Lafayette for a grammy-style awards show. Our CD "Bayou Roots" was nominated as best recording of the year and our band was nominated as "Band of the Year." We were also placed in a large category called "People's Choice" which contained about 15 entries. I am very excited and pleased to announced that we won in every category in which we were nominated! Chris Miller and Bayou Roots were named CFMA "Band of the Year" and "People's Choice" and our CD was awarded "Best Recording of the Year." I want to thank all of you--THE FANS--for making this happen. It was all because of our support within the CFMA organization and you voting for us--THANK YOU. I was very humbled to be in the presence of so many great Cajun musicians...some who were recognized and some who were not. I have been influenced by many who were there; we owe so much to the pioneers of Cajun music...they laid the foundation--the true ROOTS.