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Chris Miller & Bayou Roots: News

Summer 2013 - May 22, 2013

We are saddened by the loss of a former member of the band, Chad Cormier--fiddler extraordinaire. He passed away this spring he will definitely be missed. He was a true "fiddling force of nature" and a musical inspiration to many fiddlers here in Louisiana. It seems he was with us for much too short a time-he was only 39 years old. Rest in peace, Chad Cormier.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our supporters and fans this summer as we head out to Baton Rouge, LA, Grove, OK, CFMA Fest in Lake Charles, LA, LeCajun in Rayne, LA, CFMA groups in Houston and Orange, TX and of course our recurring end-of-the month gig at Larry's French Market in Groves, TX. We appreciate all your support and want you to know that without you supporting live music performances, it would not be possible for us to do them. You are the reason we get out there and play, and we want to see you--THIS SUMMER--Come out and DANCE...AYYYEEE!!

Update..been too long! - March 25, 2013

Wow. TIme really flies. I have so much to be thankful, friends, great keeps me really busy! I'm so sorry I am not really great at keeping the website updated--but sometimes "real things"--family, children, day jobs, must come first.

I must say THANK YOU to all of the CFMA members who voted me as "Accordionist of the Year" at the August 17, 2012 Le Cajun ceremony. It is truly an honor and it was a real treat to receive that award.

Another honor has been my music featured in the new movie "Pieces of Easter." It is a really great family movie with a wonderful message. Please help spread the word about this great film. Two Step a Bashoot LeBlanc, Yon-YOn Boogie, and La Valse d'Espoir are all featured...quite prominantly at times! The film is very funny, too. Check it out before'll be glad you did!

2011 Update - June 6, 2011

Wow...time really flies whenever you're having fun! Since the last update we have begun playing some casinos, revisited Luling, Tx, performed at the Liberty Theater, revisited Grove, OK, performed at the Governor's Mansion twice, begun to play at the legendary dancehall "La Poussiere" in Breaux Bridge, and many other exciting performance venues. We have welcomed a new member to the group, the young but legendary Chad Cormier, on the fiddle! One perk of having Chad in the group is that his wife, Hass, is an excellent bassist and singer. She has been a huge help to us and traveled to play in Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia with us this past year! Thanks Hass!

Please accept my apologies for being so late in updating the site. I know that I have not been very good at keeping the calendar up-to-date! My daughter Caressa recently graduated from Loyola and moved back to Lake Charles, but will soon be moving to California! I also received exciting news about my progress in the Teacher of the Year awards program. I passed local, district, and regional divisions to be selected as a state finalist! It sounds "glamorous" but it has taken up some of the "free time" that I would have been using to update the site. Wish me luck, though, because the overall winner gets a year lease from Mercedes of Baton Rouge! I will know in late July.

Drop a line sometimes to let us know how you are! You can also find us (in an un-updated form!) on Facebook. Oh well, always something to do...I won't be bored!

Updating Site - March 23, 2010

Many developments in the groups since I last updated. The Dougays, Steve and Dale, both had to leave the group due to employments issues that have taken them out-of state. Danny Peet has provided the driving beat of the band since 2008 and Ray Ellender has played guitar with Bayou Roots since December 2009. Ray has really been "the sixth man" for Bayou Roots for a number of years; filling in whenever there was a need. It is our pleasure to welcome him into the band as a full-fledged member. Original member Clint Ward, left a number of years ago to start a family and we have too long a delayed in recognizing Murnel Babineaux as his replacement. Murnel is a talented fiddler and steel player, and has been with the group since late 2006! You can check the BIO page for updated photos and information on these newest members of Bayou Roots!

MY SPACE PAGE - November 21, 2008

Well, we took the plunge and are trying to get set up on My Space. We have been over there a while and it's pretty fun if you have never checked it out:
Listen to tracks. Make comments and keep up with other friends and concert dates. We plan to do add more over there soon.

CFMA LeCajun Winners! - August 19, 2006

Well, I am still can't quite believe it's true. But I was there and the trophies that I brought home didn't evaporate over night, so I guess it is all real. What an honor! If you haven't heard the news here it is:

The Cajun French Music Association (CFMA) is a regional organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Cajun French music and the Cajun French language. There are chapters throughout Louisiana and Texas. Each year a committee reviews the latest releases in the Cajun music genre and nominates three recordings/musicians per category to be placed on a ballot. The ballots are mailed to each member-family who in turn vote for their favorites in each category. Every August Cajun music fans gather in Lafayette for a grammy-style awards show.

Our CD "Bayou Roots" was nominated as best recording of the year and our band was nominated as "Band of the Year." We were also placed in a large category called "People's Choice" which contained about 15 entries.

I am very excited and pleased to announced that we won in every category in which we were nominated! Chris Miller and Bayou Roots were named CFMA "Band of the Year" and "People's Choice" and our CD was awarded "Best Recording of the Year." I want to thank all of you--THE FANS--for making this happen. It was all because of our support within the CFMA organization and you voting for us--THANK YOU.

I was very humbled to be in the presence of so many great Cajun musicians...some who were recognized and some who were not. I have been influenced by many who were there; we owe so much to the pioneers of Cajun music...they laid the foundation--the true ROOTS.

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