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Chris Miller & Bayou Roots: Links

Louisiana's Kingfish

(Sorry in 2011, this link became defunct. I left the info for those interested.) Both Chris Miller and Dale Dougay were founding members of this group, along with Dave Savario and Rob Broussard. In addition, Steve Dougay's departure from their previous band "The Lifters" is what prompted Kingfish's formation, so there were lingering "Steve Dougay influences" that flavored the Louisiana Kingfish sound.

Louisiana Kingfish no longer performs under such a name. Rob Broussard and Dave Savario are playing again in a trio called "Frayed Knot." After Dale moved to Austin, TX, he began playing with "Charles Thibodeaux and the Austin Aces." Steve Dougay began work that makes it difficult for him to gig and has not been playing with any groups in any regular fashion.

A while back we all did have the chance for an "original" Kingfish reunion of sorts on July 4th 2006. The Fish-heads, Robbie Dubois (the ultimate), Richy Dubois (rapper name--Q-Tip) and Chad Bertrand (aka "Young Buck) sometimes have joined Bayou Roots on stage. I can tell you one thing, they still "got it" and can put on quite a show! The Kingfish site still works and includes information on the CD recording. "Life in a One-horse Town," we did back around 1999-2000. We, as Bayou Roots, still perform some of these songs as they are many Louisiana Kingfish fans who have become Bayou Roots fans.

The CD is still sold and available in some stores. You can also email me if you would like a Kingfish CD; I still have a few. The lyrics to the Kingfish songs were on the Kingfish site. Also, there were some great photos of the 2001 Jazz Fest in Montreal, Canada. geocities closed the site in early 2011...I hate that!

Contemporary Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco Musicians
Huge source of information on bands specializing in Louisiana music; especially those who play shows at the Liberty Theater in Eunice Louisiana. Lots of Info and Photos of a large number of Louisiana musicians...including Chris Miller and Bayou Roots!

SWLA Musicians Encyclopedia Index
A site sponsored and maintained by McNeese State University. Similar to the Contemporary Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco Musicians Index above, but with more emphasis on musicians in the parishes of Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis, Cameron, Beauregard, and Allen parishes. It does not focus solely on Cajun musicians.

Cajun Mp3
MP3 Files of rare or out-of-print Cajun Music. There is a wealth of info and lots of files here for true aficionados of Cajun music!